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Hi, I'm Arela

Through my practice, Featured People, I aim to inspire and elevate clients internationally with coaching and consulting.

I use a wide range of forward-thinking and strategic concepts with a strong foundation in behavioral psychology, organizational development and systems thinking.


I offer my coaching program in three different formats to support you connecting to your unique self, getting clear on your needs and then leveling up your skills to create a work environment which supports you best.

  • 6 Week Intensive - For support during transitions or a start for a new direction

  • 3 Month Weekly - Understanding your whole self, needs and blockers

  • Extended - Continued work towards deeper integration of learnings and behavioral change

"From start to end, Arela was fully invested in my success and deeply involved in every aspect of my development. She helped me formulate a fuller understanding of my unique offerings and guided me in my pursuit of a great new top level opportunity."

-Q. Nguyên, San Francisco


After over a decade of work in HR and organizational development it became clear; we have so much potential, however our work ecosystems are misaligned with human behavior and needs - which is blocking our creative and innovative development.
Some examples of the consulting topics I work on are:

  • People / HR Strategy

  • Team Dynamics and Team Building

  • Talent Hiring and Retention Strategy

  • Organizational Design

  • Breaking Groupthink

“I had the pleasure to work with Arela for 3 months. I was looking for ways in which I can improve my leadership skills. Despite the short engagement this was one of the most fruitful partnership I had so far."

-R. Krzyzaniak, Berlin

Practice Philosophy

It is a human right to have work that is aligned with who we are and our needs. Everyone deserves work which is equitable, healthy and meaningful.
When we are able to achieve this, we find joy, purpose, a vehicle for our growth and development and better work outcomes.

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